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X 2 y 2 6y 2 0 center and radius

loading external resources on our website. (x 2)2 (y - 3)2 (z1)2. (a) x2 y2 2x - 6y 7 0 (b) x2 y2 - 4x 10y 13 0 (c) 16x2 16y2 8x 32y. Let's compare this to the equation we are given, center x2 y2 2x 6y -.

This gives us r2 50, so r (50 1/2). We can express the equation of any circle in the form (x - a)2 (y- b)2. This is an example question in my book that gives me asolution; however, I am getting lost center between a and few (not shown)steps that the book doesn't take and was looking for clarification. So a2 1 and. Home / study / math / calculus / calculus questions and answers / Show That The Equation Represents A Circle And Find Its Center And Radius.

An circle with radius 35, and centre (6,3).( x 6) 2 6 2 ( y 3).Graph x 2 y 2 12x - 6y 0 -24.5,.5, -6.32,.68.

How would you find the center and radius of x 2 y 2 12x

We will use completing the square method to rewrite the equation into the form: (x-a)2 (y-b)2 r2 where (a,b) is the center and r is the radius. Let us rewrite the terms. x2 - 4x 4 y2 6y (x-2)2 (y3)2 49 (x-2)2 (y3)2 72, now we will compare the equation withe the standard form of a circle. To fill in the first blank on the left and the first blank on the right side:.

If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.kastatic.

Where did4, 9, 1 and everything to the right of the comefrom? Substituting these values of a and b into (1) gives us x2 y2 2x 6y 1 9 - r2  x2 y2 2x 6y 10 - r2. And now we substitute our values of a, b and r2 into (x - a)2 (y - b)2 r2 to get the equation: (x 1)2 (y 3)2. So we must have 2x -2ax and 6y -2by. So C, the centre of the circle, is (-1, -3 and the radius of the circle is (50 1/2). Therefore a -1 and b -3. Bold : We can rewrite the given equation in the form of an equationof a sphere if we complete the squares: (x2 4x 4) (y2 - 6y 9) (z2 2z 1). Bringing the r2 to the left side by subtracting it from both sides, we have x2 y2 - 2ax - 2by a2 b2 - r2.

X beaded bracelet X 2 y 2 6y 2 0 center and radius


If we multiply out the brackets in the equation above, we get x2 y2 - 2ax - 2by a2.? Show that x2 y2 z2 4x - 6y 2z 6 0 is the equation of asphere, and find its center and radius.

The technique you need to use is called "Completing The Square." First, I will rewrite the equations a bit to organize the terms properly as follows: Now comes the Completing The Square part. Question 80070 : x2y2-4x6y40 i need to find the center, and radius. Divide the coefficients of x and y respectively by 2 and square the result. Upgrade, about, help, sign In, sign Up, mathway requires javascript and a modern browser. Answer by tutor_paul(519) show Source You can put this solution on your website! Let me take a look. You first need to get your equation into the standard form, which is: The center is then (h, k) and the radius., you are given:, so the first step is to put this into the above form. Add this number to both sides of the equation in order to maintain the equality: Simplifying the right side: Now you can rewrite the x and y terms as factors which gets you in the needed format: Now that you have the equation in the. You'll be able to enter math problems once our session is over. Upgrade, about, help, sign In, sign Up, hope that helps!


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