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The walking dead 4 x 6 analisis. William x yumi episodes:

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William x yumi episodes

Krabs. Anthea sees it in the laptop, garbled without knowing that it's happening and he calls Jeremy by smartphone saying that they must meet in the Hermitage urgently. William asking Ulrich if he's not a clone. Yumi smells a trap, and decides to take a detour while William distracts the monsters. Milly and, tamiya find.A.N.A.-William with Lyoko porno tetona folla calle uniform, and do a comment on the strange dress.

William x yumi episodes. William vs, william is the 4th episode of season 5 and the 99th episode of Code Lyoko.

The real Odd porno and William immediately devirtualise their doubles, and Odd enters the tower. Attack, but no in Lyoko but some two spectres showing the photo of Takeo and Akiko Ishiyama. However, the spectre goes straight after the boys with codes, leaving William alone. The two Odds aim at each other, arguing about who is telling the truth. While in the Ishiyama's house, she's about to to finish to save her things in the luggage when she listens a bell and go down to receive the visit, is Ulrich and William smiling. The real Ulrich was indeed virtualised, but.A.N.A. The parents of Yumi find her seated in the bank together with Ulrich, jodar and he speaks again about the dark future and that won't go back to happen since all is calm and different. Another Odd appears on Lyoko. William and Odd Vs William and Odd. At the Factory all say it's better than not going William to Lyoko.A.N.A. The one they're looking at is a spectre. Aelita finds the real William, and he doesn't know nothing of the encounter with Milly and Tamiya.

It s 8 in the morning.Jeremy finds a Replika in the Digital Sea, and he s working on creating another Skidbladnir.

William vs William Code Lyoko Fanfiction Wiki fandom

Aelita is quickly rescued by Odd on his Overboard, however. They start seeing.more, xana Awakens, tidal Wave Sep Xana attacks the Lyoko warriors by possessing a large amount of food. Then.A.N.A.-William fights against the real William and.A.N.A.-Sissi against Yumi, and Yumi is devirtualized. William counterattacks Yumi more clever with an energy wave from his sword, having Yumi lose balance and fall off her Overwing. William/X.A.N.A.-William attached to the Scyphozoa in Mutiny. There they find that.A.N.A. William is pursued by Ulrich and Yumi with their vehicles and the monster releases mines that do the same action back at them. Again ask Milly and Tamiya, and they describe him as William was dressed and having a strange voice. Fanarts, william and Yumi Fanarts. In the reboot series,.A.N.A. With the warriors out of the way,.A.N.A. That night, Xana possesses two.more False Start Aelita is materialized, but unfortunately, Xana implanted a virus inside of Aelita, so if Xana dies, so does Aelita. As soon as he is alone with her, William reveals that he is controlled.A.N.A.

But William cuts Odd short and still thinks he's an evil clone.

Yumi is kidnapped by the spectres of Takeo and Akiko Ishiyama. The Krabs defeated, Odd prepares to go into the t another Odd and another William appear! Aelita quickly notifies Jeremy and the other, and go to the factory. Suddenly, they start attacking. As Jeremie hangs up, Yumi arrives in the lab. At the end of the episode all. He asks him again about Taelia, and. Takeo receives an important letter reading and she's concerned in case something raisin, they deny it and say that everything is well. X.A.N.A.-William appears, and begins a fight against the real William and.A.N.A.-William, and finally the real William devirtualizes.A.N.A.-William and scanner leaves a small chip that collects Aelita for examine. Yumi is a little uneasy about it but Aelita is happy to have her come along. Trivia This is the first season finale ends a cliffhanger and concluded in the next episode. When they finished breakfast, they go to their rooms. After arriving to the Hermitage, Ulrich covers him Yumi's eyes and they go to the door, and after they do with Yumi a big surprise by part of Franz, Anthea, the Lyoko-Warriors and of course Johnny.


While in a place of a desert, the spectres of Takeo and Akiko hold the shoulders of a person with a sack in the head and drag her to a cell, and seats her in a chair.

Yumi catching or opening fans in CLE Add a photo to this gallery See Also. Gallery More images of Yumi in Season 1 More images of Yumi in Season 2 More images of Yumi in Season 3 More images of Yumi in Season 4 More images of Yumi in Evolution Garage Kids Others in Season 1 opening credits. Character and behaviour "I told the truth. She attributes a lot of importance to her origins, being more than proud of her Japanese heritage which can be seen when she firmly asserts her ethnic background as Japanese. The Japanese girl uses it extremely well. Good at sports, very smart (as seen by her responses to difficult situations a hundred percent natural, she is the perfect opposite. After some misadventures, William finally rejoins the group. Code Lyoko Digital Sea Close Calls Season 1-3. She can use Telekinesis in some places. Code Lyoko: Ulrich and Yumi - The Reason. In the Cortex, the heroes are confronted by Tyron's defenders: Ninjas. On the virtual world "I'll prepare your staff!" #10 The Warrior Awakens. She is also helpful and aids Odd in managing his flower order bill (episode 13).


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